Her work is vastly different now. She paints in naïve style which has been described as a cross between Beryl Cook and LS Lowry but says the greatest influence on her work has been her husband's aunt, Joan Gillchrest, a famous Cornish artist now commanding high prices. After she met Joan and saw her work, Shelwyn's painting style undertook a seismic shift and her paintings attempt to bring the character and charm of the Cornish naïve artists to the Wessex landscape. 'Now ... my paintings will hopefully make you smile rather than frighten the hell out of you'.

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Galleries and venues - past and present....

Bell Fine Art, Parchment Street, Winchester

First View Gallery, Stourhead Estate

Hatch Gallery, Church Street, Christchurch

Guildhall Gallery, High Street, Poole

Guildhall Tavern, Market Street, Poole

Quarr Gallery, High Street, Swanage

Shelwyn was born in London and now lives by the sea in Dorset.

Her artistic training was rather out of the ordinary - training in ecclesiastical art and design at Watts and Co, where her time was spent designing embroidery, fabrics and metalwork, she says '.. apart from being fantastic grounding, it was a wonderful and unusual experience'.

Shelwyn was painting during this time, of a style apocalyptic in concept, she says she was attracted to art that unsettled and thrilled her.

Shelwyn Scott

Her paintings hang in private collections in England, France, Canada, USA, Australia and the Caribbean.

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Those illustrated are original oil paintings, and priced as framed. Priced at £100 - £500, depending on size.


Paintings can be delivered to your local gallery on a sale or return basis.